4 Tips On How To Establish Your Garden | SAGE.

4 Tips for How to Establish Your Garden

When we first moved into our doer-upper home we tackled much more outside than we did inside. We’ve ripped out what little garden there was to start with, built a new front and back fence (including a retaining wall), put in 3 vege gardens, planted multiple trees and created two large new “flower” gardens. It’s often easier to […]

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DIY | make your own baby play gym | SAGE

DIY | How to Make a Baby Play Gym

During my pregnancy I was inspired to create a few things for our little one. I didn’t want to do anything overly ambitious because we already had quite a bit on our plate (i.e. renovating our home), so I chose just two things to make: a baby play gym and a quilted play mat. Making […]

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Quick & easy broccoli soup recipe | SAGE.

Quick & Easy Broccoli Soup | Recipe

It’s that time of year – where you look at your vege garden one minute, and nothing is quite ready, only to look back 5 milliseconds later and everything has gone to seed. Broccoli is one of those annoying “seedy” things – and they’re all ready to harvest and eat at the same time too. […]

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White square tiles & dark grout | Sage Bathroom Renovation

Before & After | Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Back in the Winter of 2015, we undertook our first indoor diy renovation project – the main bathroom. We started during a week that poured with icy cold rain for days and days. We worked our day jobs during the day, and worked on the bathroom at nights and weekends for more than a month. Being our […]

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9 Handy Newborn Must-haves - Some Days and Sage - Albie

9 Handy Newborn Must-haves

On 21st November, 2016, our little Albie Willem Sage made his entrance into the world. And it wouldn’t be right to write an introductory newborn post without saying that we are totally smitten. He truly brings us so much delight. With lots of pregnant friends at the moment, I’ve been keeping a mental note over the […]

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